Integrated Music Transcribing Tool Music Analyzer is a player which is made for music transcribing. Music Analyzer can play music slowly without pitch changing and more functions which allows you to transcribe musical note rapidly such as automatic repeat , quick response shortcut key ,transcribing project management and so on.

Integrated Music Transcribing Tool Music Analyzer is a freeware. Though, any donation are very welcome. :) Download is available below.
Supports Both Slow Motion w/o Pitch Shifting & Traditional Slow Motion

Music Analyzer supports slow downing without pitch shifting. Additionally , in some cases, slow downing with pitch shifting is easier than without pitch shifting, Music Analyzer also supports slow downing with pitch shifting. It is also available that saving as specified file name.

Easy Manipulation with easily understandable animation

Recorded data and range data of repeat play are displayed as "casette tape" so that you can intuitively control them.

Enhanced Keyboard Shortcut

All functions are able to be called by keyboard. Especially the default shortcut set is well-convinced for using with insruments so that it is able to control by one hand.
Full Customizable Shortcut Key

Music Analyzer supports full customizeble shortcut key which is not implemented in other music players. Shortcut key set which you made is able to be saved.
Quick Shortcut Key Response like "beat'em-up game"

Shortcut key is implemented as the algorhithm which is exactly same as action game such as "beat'em-up game". Its response is unusually quick for a music player.

Supports Skin

You can change main window's skin. Some small skins are available for using other music software at sametime.

Transcribing Project Management
Recorded data and Repeat Range Data are automatically saved and managed. When you play "A.mp3" and make some recorded data then change to "B.mp3" , and you change to "A.mp3" again, saved data are automatically reloaded. You don't have to remember where you saved their data , how to manage them etc...

Playlist is also available. It is also available to regist files which you frequently call so that you can quickly access to it.

Support "Stay on top"

Music Analyzer supports "Stay On Top" window. That is the main window is always displayed on top when you turn this function on. This is nothing special but very useful when you use other music software at same time.
The installer of Music Analyzer can be downloaded at following link. There is no uninstaller support. To uninstall Music Analyzer, just deleting the installed folder. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Download Music Analyzer Version 4.00

Music Analyzer is a open-source software. Source code of Music Analyzer is available at the following link. The source code can be compiled by Borland Delphi 3.

Download Source Code