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Hello, my name is Ats. This is a list of my programs/articles/music.

JavaScript Cryptography Toolkit

This is an object oriented cryptography toolkit that implements several fundamental cryptographic algorithms including TWOFISH, SERPENT, RIJNDAEL, RSA with key-generation and SHA(SHA-1,224,256,384,512) for JavaScript. This library works in ActionScript as well. The unique feature of this library is asynchronous processing. A heavyweight process such as 4096bit RSA key generation will be done asynchronously so that this library does not cause problems such as freezing browsers, "slow-downing" warning dialogs, etc.

A JavaScript BASE64 and UTF-8 Implementation

This is a simple script that implements BASE64 encoding/decoding and UTF-8 encoding/decoding. This script also defines a bit modified version of BASE64 which only uses alphabet character and number without symbols.

A Non-Structure Oriented Programming Framework for JavaScript

This script "nonstructured.js" is a simple framework to write programs without structure-oriented method. It helps you to write programs only with simple statements, that is, without many structure-oriented things such as nested loop, function calling and so on.

This is useful to implement asynchronous processing in JavaScript.

B-tree Animation [FLASH]

B-tree is an important algorithm for databases, file systems or such fundamental computer systems. B-tree is applied in many situations. If you are interested in computer science, learning about the B-tree is a valuable thing. B-tree is a very simple and powerful algorithm but sometime it is difficult to imagine how it works. So I have made an animation that describes how B-tree works.

Galaxy Simulator [FLASH]

This is a program which simulates gravity between stars and a black hole and generate a mysterious animation that is like a galaxy. Every time the program is loaded to your browser, parameters are initialized randomly so it will generates different pattern every time.

Automatic Composition Program 1 - A Piano Trio Improvisation [JAVA-APPLET]

This is an applet that automatically generates piano-trio-improvisation-like music.

Automatic Composition Program 2 - Wind [JAVA-APPLET]

This applet automatically generates simple but beautiful music.

Sticky Liquid Simulator [JAVA-APPLET]

This applet simulates a physical movement of emitted sticky liquid. Click on the applet window to emit liquid.

An Outline Text Editor - Idealpad [JAVA]

Idealpad is an outline editor. I have developed this application to optimize the daily internet communication. This application is based on my own new ideas which is a kind of my answer for the problems that have been happened in modern internet society. It is still in beta version and is not documented yet.

Titaniumcore Web Application Server Framework [JAVA]

Titaniumcore Web Application Server Framework is a framework which is based on my own new idea. This framework helps you to develop HTTP based web applications quickly. This framework is still in the beta version and it is not released in public yet. This site is fully served by a Titaniumcore based web server.

An Integrated Transcribing Tool - Music Analyzer [WIN32]

This freeware is written in late 90's in order to make my dairy working of transcribing musical note more efficient. At that time, I was trying to learn jazz improvisation so that I have to transcribe quite a lot of tunes. I originally wrote this tool only for myself then I found it really useful so I decided to distribute it freely.

Jazz Guitar Improvisation

Improvisation at Solar on July 13,2002
No Titled Improvisation on May 18,2003
Improvisation at Dolphin Dance on May 9,2003 my birthday!
Improvisation at Stella by Starlight on May 8 ,2003
Improvisation at Dolphin Dance on May 3,2003
Improvisation in Stella by Starlight on March 26,2002
Improvisation in The Days of Wine And Roses on March 26,2002

A Small Game

Please, enjoy it :)

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